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Silver Spruce Shepherds

About Us

    We are a small family hobby breeder based out of a rural town in Central New York. We raise our Shepherds on our farm along with our two young boys, Lane & Emmet. When we aren't running to football, basketball, or baseball games - you will most often find us home enjoying our horses and Shepherds. If you have a Silver Spruce puppy, then you will find that they are loving and loyal to their people! We believe this has everything to do with their genetics, and how they are raised while we have them here. 

Our Mission

    We believe in breeding GSDs that are perfect for both utility and for family. We strive for Shepherds that have straight backs, large heads, and strong bones. Our lines derive mostly from East German working lines; you will see many registered in the Czech Republic (we truly love the East German lines!) and many that are certified in tracking and personal protection as well as some that served as Czech Police K9s. 

    Several of our puppies have already gone on to display strong traits of tracking, personal protection, and agility. But they all keep their strong sense of loyalty and love to their people/ families. Many don't believe that you can have the best of both worlds but .... we do. That is all we can strive and hope for. That your puppy will work for you, love you, and your family. 

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